“Rose and Ben” are a Southern Folk Duet that has been touring together for the past ten years in and around the Southeast part of the United States from Houston to Nashville. They have a special kind of chemistry onstage and with their songwriting, which only a husband and wife seem to be able to achieve. Their characters are reflected in the honesty and innocents of their music, and its ability to sooth and lighten their listener’s heart. “Rose and Ben”, as with most talent, are true to who they are in their music and have been recognized because of their fidelity. They love music as if it was essential to life and are influenced by every genre and style. They have had the privilege of playing on the same stage with some icons of today and the past including: Joe Ely, The Eli Young Band, Seth James, Bert Willis, Lady Antebellum, Jack Saunders, The Rounder’s, Don Schlitz and more….

“Rose and Ben” seem to feel at home on any stage. From the Nashville lights on Broadway, to any small town intimate folk venue. They can be easily recognized by the soothing honey coated vocals of Rose and the original old-timey styling of Ben’s acoustic guitar. You can understand the chemistry they have as you walk with them through their early adult life by listening through their first (I Could Never Go) and second (I’m Lovin It) albums.

“Southern Folk” is who they are in regards to their music as well as their character.